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We have entrenched position of an expert in the field of Mystery Shopper research


What does the Mystery Shopper do?

The level of customer service can be measured in many ways - one of the commonly used methods is the so-called Mystery shoopping. This method involves checking the quality of customer service at a given outlet by an observer specially prepared for this role - the Mystery Customer. This person has the task of verifying that store employees are complying with the required standards of the company and whether they can present the offer in an effective way, and thus lead to the sale of the product. Mystery shopper Mystery shopper visits designated stores, plays the role of a potential customer and conducts the research in accordance with the scenario created earlier, tailored to the given industry. Our auditors (Mystery shopper) are carefully selected people, tailored to the company's standards. By deciding to conduct a mystery shopping survey, you can quickly gather information that will help you get higher sales of products and eliminate unnecessary costs. By analyzing the audit resulting from the work of the Mystery Customer, you can easily determine what actions should be taken to improve service standards and increase the satisfaction of contractors. Hidden observation of the Mystery shopper is able to provide a lot of valuable information, such as the real waiting time for service, kindness of employees and their knowledge about current promotions. Elements that are extremely important when assessing the Mystery shopper are not only information about employees, but also issues such as cleanliness in the salon and its overall appearance, problems with finding the right products, crowding in the store, or a form of displaying the range.

The MRtec marketing research agency has many years of experience in conducting Mystery shopping - research - thanks to our innovative solutions, your company is able to achieve much higher sales results and significantly improve the image of the entire brand. Testing the quality of service using the Mystery Shopper method will make you realize what steps should be taken to make the overall impression of potential buyers the best. As part of the Mystery shopping study we offer, you will receive comprehensive results and comments, as well as individually prepared tips showing what and how to improve in order for the company to grow in the right direction. If you want to increase profits, improve your brand image and take customer service to a new, higher level, please contact us!

Why you should try the Mystery Shopper service?

You receive a reliable comparative analysis of the real level of services and the level defined by the company.

You get a full vision of your workers. The results consist of objective anwsers for questions from a questionnaire and subjective comments.

We prepare for you dedicated indications – tell you what should be improved and what is worth to be a foundation of your company.

We offer researches tailor-made for your organization.

We always match client’s needs in case of:

  • characteristic of the product/service,
  • existing standard,
  • auditor’s profile,
  • training solutions,
  • reports,
  • reserach procedure,
  • project coordinator’s support and consulting
  • Project coordinator’s experience,

The research agenda:

We choose auditors basing on the profile added to the scenario.

We deliver you the results with recommendations until the predetermined day.


We prepare the best for your organization research tools

We realize and verify the audits.


Do you want to improve standards of your servicesand make sale gains bigger?
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